Talkit – phone call translator from Novavox

Automated voice call translator in over 30 languages.
Download app and make phone calls without any foreign language skills.

Check the quality of Talkit voice translator.
Speak and understand any language.

Talkit translates majority of languages into the user’s native language in real time.

The easy-to-use application allows you to understand the interlocutor without the services of a human interpreter and knowledge of languages. Talkit transates what you say in a second. It understands more than 30 languages of the world and is useful in business and personal life.


A call from smartphone connects with the any any phone anywhere in the world.
Artificial intelligence converts the spoken language into a foreign language and vice versa.
The technology guarantees an accurate translation of foreign speech into the language of the interlocutor within one or two seconds (or almost instantly).


The conversation is translated for both speakers.
TalkIt starts translating as soon as the subscriber makes a pause.
Speech recognition at the moment of the conversation allows you to understand the interlocutor.


Affordable and understandable rates allow you to control the budget of sessions.
No need to pay for a human translator.
You pay only for a minute of connection.
The cost of a call is not much different from a regular call and
available before the call.

The Talkit service is suitable for all users:
Personal conversations

Communicate with friends, acquaintances and colleagues all over the world without seeking the services of an interpreter.
You no longer need to copy and use a text translator.
TalkIT will make foreign speech available automatically.

Private business conversations

Business negotiations with colleagues or partners for user are available at any time at the request of the interlocutor. Just dial the number and start speaking in your native language. Talkti will translate for you.

Business services

Negotiations with foreign partners will become easier and more accessible.
The interlocutors speak their native language and easily understand each other.

Talkit. Talk it with pleasure. It's easy to understand.
The Talkit service is:

Text to Talk

Converts the language spoken by the Talkit user into a foreign language. The speech synthesis embedded in the service captures the subtlest nuances of the conversation and conveys speech to the interlocutor.

Talk to Text

Captures speech and converts it into text. Talkit speech recognition technology identifies every spoken word at a high level.

Intellectual speech translation

is carried out in real time without additional keystrokes and fixing long pauses at the moment of conversation. This allows you to negotiate without being distracted by additional actions, and receive a universal translation of speech, taking into account the lexical nuances of the interlocutor's vocabulary.

Speech processing technology

A resource with automatic translation is allocated for each subscriber. The activation of speech analysis starts from the moment the utterance of the phrase begins. We have made sure that the dialog with Talkit has a friendly voice interface.

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